Thursday, 12 May 2016

Passionate about Pebbles?

Hello and welcome back!

In today's post, I'll be showing you some of the photos I have taken at the beach. If you didn't already know, I live in a coastal village on the east of England, meaning there's plenty of picturesque beaches to explore... I'm not the type of girl who loves to go out shopping on the Saturday morning and then partying on the evening, I'd much rather head down to the beach then spend the evening having a bit of me time and 'chillaxing'. So since I'm always at the sea, why not share my photos with you?

Taken from Marske beach near Middlesbrough, you can see some wind turbines on this photo if you look closely. Marske-by-the-Sea has some beautiful views, especially on an evening when the sun is setting and is glistening on the surface of the sea - it is a truly magnificent sight.

This pebbly picture is one of my favourites because the focusing gods must have sent an angel down from the sky and blessed me! I have a story behind this photo too; just after I had pressed the capture button, a massive wave bombarded over to me and attacked my feet, making them dripping wet and I had to walk home with squelching shoes - the things you do to take one picture!

Here's a bit of a different picture for you! If you didn't know, this is a place called Whitby which I'm sure you will have heard of before... Whitby is one of my personal favourite seaside towns to visit; there's pretty little houses, narrow quirky streets, amusements, a lovely beach and plenty of beautiful scenery. Also, there's Whitby Abbey which is basically just a castle which is situated at the top of 199 steps, and I took this photo as I was walking up them. I think that this photo sums the place up perfectly.                                                            

I do have plenty more pictures which are similar to these which I'll be sure to share with you on a later date but that's it for today - I hope you enjoyed reading!

Holly x