Sunday, 15 May 2016

Beautiful Blossom

Hello, welcome back to Faithful Photography!

As you should've read from my previous post, I went to a place called Preston Park yesterday with my family. While I was there, I also took some photos of blossom as well as the butterflies. At the park you can see the River Tees and follow it along a path lined with trees and flowers. There was plenty of blossom trees surrounding this path, meaning I stopped at each one to take a few snaps then had to run to catch up with everyone! In today's post, I'm going to share with you some of these...

Out of the hundreds (slight exaggeration) I took, this is up there with the top spot as my favourite. This is because I love how the flowers stand out from the darker background, but you can also little patches of white towards the back too. Like I mentioned in one of my first posts, blossom is my favourite flower, which makes me love this just that little bit more!

 I like this one too because of how the foreground also stands out really well, and shows the delicacy of these pretty flowers.

Looking at this one makes me think about Easter but I'm not sure why... Maybe because the flowers are arranged to look like an egg, or maybe just because I associate Spring with blossom. Who knows?!

I like this one because it focuses on the inside of the blossom, almost revealing their vulnerability and inner beauty.

That's it for today's post, I hope you enjoyed reading it! Also, I hope you've enjoyed these daily posts this week, although starting from now, I will unfortunately be able to post on the weekends, due to the amount of revision and work I have to do. Hopefully you understand and I should see you again shortly!

Holly x