Sunday, 12 June 2016

Misty Mornings

Hello and welcome back to my blog! Have you had a nice week?

This morning my Dad, brother and I went to a lovely seaside town called Saltburn for a little walk along the beach. Being June, you wouldn't expect it to be cold, foggy and wet but because it's England, it was... We were tightly wrapped up in a winter coat, scarf and gloves but still managed to get a lot of enjoyment out of our morning.

As I said, it was very misty and wintery, as shown by this photo. Couples walked up and down the beach, hurrying to get to a coffee shop or back to the warmth of their car, and I don't blame them!

I like that in this photo you can see the reflection of the cliffs (Huntcliff) which is portrayed onto the ice-cold water.

Here you can see Saltburn Pier stretching out into the ferocious waves of the sea. This contrasts with the tranquility and calmness of the still puddles of water on the foreground, making this photo really stand out to me.

After going to the amusements, my brother had all of these key rings which he'd won (well, I won them for him) but I had to make do with this shell. Although, I'm not complaining as I think it's quite pretty!

That's the end for today's post, I'm sorry it wasn't very long but hopefully you enjoyed it! Let me know in the comments what your favourite thing to do at the seaside is and I should see you again around the same time next week...

Holly x