Sunday, 19 June 2016

Glorious Gardens

Hello again!

Since it's now summer, the flowers have blossomed and my garden has been transformed into a picture of health and happiness. It feels lovely to be greeted every day by such a pretty sight, so I wanted to share this sight with you! I hope you enjoy...

These lupines are what stand the proudest in our garden. They gradually turn from a lime green at the tip, to this beautiful purple shade at the bottom, which you can see here. They also really stand out from the greenery behind and below them and are a true statement piece.

I'm kind of cheating with this photo because these dainty flowers don't grow in our garden, but our neighbours and they droop down over the fence! I think they're so pretty so I'm grateful that they can be seen from our garden. Also, I love how the filaments/anthers (the yellow parts) sprout out from the centre, whereas in most flowers they're hidden away, it somehow reminds me of a water fountain.

These are my favourite flowers in my garden, no doubt about it. Their shape, colour and pattern are so intriguing and stunning to me. If you're wondering, I think they're called Hyacinth and they also come in different colours, like yellow or pink which are also very appealing!

That's it for today... Hopefully you enjoyed reading it and hopefully I'll do a part two to this post in the future with some more pictures from the garden! Comment below if you have any of these in your garden, or your favourite ones which you have that I haven't mentioned. I'll see again this time next week...

Holly x